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  • We derive constraints on parameters of the radiatively decaying Dark Matter (DM) particles, using XMM-Newton EPIC spectra of the Andromeda galaxy (M31). Using the observations of the outer (5'-13') parts of M31 we improve the existing constraints. For the case of sterile neutrino DM, combining our constraints with the latest computation of abundances of sterile neutrino in the Dodelson-Widrow (DW) scenario, we obtain the lower mass limit m_s < 4 keV, which is stronger than the previous one m_s < 6 kev, obtained recently by Asaka et al. (2007) [hep-ph/0612182]. Comparing this limit with the most recent results on Lyman-alpha forest analysis of Viel et al. (2007) [arXiv:0709.0131] (m_s > 5.6 kev), we argue that the scenario in which all the DM is produced via DW mechanism is ruled out. We discuss however other production mechanisms and note that the sterile neutrino remains a viable candidate of Dark Matter, either warm or cold.