Dr. Geraldine Servant

CERN Theory Division; Institut de Physique Theorique, CEA Saclay
My research lies at the interface between particle physics and cosmology, focussing on Tera Electron Volt scale physics.
My main contributions to this field have been:
  • to reconcile the existence of extra spatial dimensions with standard Friedmann cosmological expansion.
  • to propose the lightest Kaluza-Klein particle as a viable dark matter candidate.
  • to study the nature of the electroweak phase transition in various extensions of the Standard Model and the consequences of a modified cosmological expansion at the electroweak epoch.
  • to show that detection of a stochastic background of Gravity Waves at the space-interferometer LISA could be a major experimental implication of the Randall-Sundrum model.
  • I have been particularly interested in the possibility of probing early universe phase transitions with upcoming gravity wave experiments and I have been for instance advertising the relevance of LISA for electroweak scale physics.
  • I have been involved in analytic calculations of the gravity wave spectrum produced during first order phase transitions.
  • More recently, I have also been working on collider phenomenological studies. I have studied the prospects for multi W gauge boson production at LHC from the pair production and decay of new heavy quarks like heavy bottom quarks.
  • As far as dark matter is concerned, I have also investigated the case of heavy Dirac neutrinos and contributed to review chapters in the book "Particle dark matter".

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