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  • We have demonstrated a facile approach for synthesis of polypyrrole coated yttria partially stabilized zirconia nanocomposites by in--situ synthesis method. The properties of nanocomposite were studied and compared with those of polypyrrole and 8$\%$ YSZ. The electrochemical properties were recognized by cyclic voltammetry, charge-discharge and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The SEM of YSZ/PPy nanocomposite showed globular and porous surface morphology. In the present work, we reveal the YSZ/PPy nanocomposite as novel electrode material for supercapacitor. The supercapacitive performance of YSZ/PPy electrode was studied in an aqueous 0.1 N H$_{2}$SO$_{4}$ electrolyte solution. The highest specific capacitance (C$_{s}$) for YSZ/PPy electrode observed to be 640 Fg$^{-1}$. The specific energy (E$_{s}$), specific power (P$_{s}$) and coulomb efficiency ($\eta\%$) are observed to be 12.8 Whkg$^{-1}$, 51 kWkg$^{-1}$ and 98$\%$ respectively. This electrode shows the outstanding electrochemical stability for more than 1000 continuous charging--discharging cycles. These notable parameters of YSZ/PPy composite opens up a new avenue for the study to explore this composite as an efficient electrode material.