• 23 Oct 2012

    Never miss an interesting new submission on arXiv

    Specify your scientific interests to reorder the daily arXiv submissions. The articles which you may find most interesting will be displayed at the top of the list.

  • 22 Feb 2012

    Specify precise meaning of concepts

    We extract a lot of information from the articles, and sometimes our automatic system can make mistakes in "understanding the meaning". Need to precise whether cluster means
    • cluster of galaxies
    • percolation cluster
    • computer cluster
    • ...
    ? You can find the disambiguation boxes on the article annotation and bookmarking pages. They have slightly different background color so you can easily notice them.

  • 22 Feb 2012

    Bookmark collection sharing

    • Have a bookmark collection and want to share it with someone?
    • Ever wanted to bookmark several papers in one click?

    Now you can do all that with our new Share Collection feature. Just select any set of bookmarks and e-mail a link to anyone in the world (not necessarily a ScienceWISE user). Even parts of private collections can be shared in this way (the recipient will see only your explicitly chosen articles). Click here to see how this works

  • 11 Dec 2011

    Private bookmarks, offline work and more

    Make your bookmarks private or share it with selected users
    Save your collection to disk and work offline

  • 11 Dec 2011

    Bookmarks for non-arXiv papers

    Add bookmarks from INSPIRE (using texkey like Weinberg:1967tq)

  • 5 Oct 2011

    Create bibliography of bookmarks

    One can create a bibliography for any set of bookmarks, chosen via filters or labels (as BibTeX, LaTeX, EndNote, etc.)

  • 26 Jul 2011

    Possibility to add free-text labels

    Mark your bookmarks with any number of free text labels (e.g Review or My_project).

  • 15 Jul 2011

    Many new features in bookmarks

    Bookmarks of all users can be browsed here
    Follow bookmarks of other users
    Live bookmarks (RSS feeds) for any combination of user/concept filters

  • 1 Nov 2009

    Public release is coming soon

    We will release new version on November, 9